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Red Rattler shakes up the indie arts scene

Saturday January 2, 2010
WHEN the clock struck midnight at the Red Rattler Theatre on Thursday, revellers gathered in the old factory were celebrating not just the new decade but the beginning of a new era in legal arts venues in Sydney.

50,000 False Alarm Call-outs

Sunday September 23, 2007
CREWS from NSW Fire Brigades were called out to more than 50,000 false alarms last year due to smoke detectors going off.

Smoke But Few Sparks

Saturday July 17, 1999
Manchester United's first Socceroos clash had promoter Rene Rivkin groping for superlatives. But, as Malcolm Knox reports, few others did. THE smoke detectors at Star City don't work. They picked up neither the thunderclouds rising from Rene Rivkin's cigar, nor the plumes issuing from his ea

Detectors Saving Lives

Monday June 1, 1998
Smoke detectors had been fitted to nearly all of the Housing Commission's 130,000 properties, NSW Emergency Services Minister Bob Debus said yesterday. Mr Debus said a woman and her 10 children living in a Housing Commission home in western Sydney recently escaped injury after a smoke detector w

Smoke Detectors 'failed' At Kew Fire

Monday October 21, 1996
Smoke detectors failed to work during the Kew Cottages blaze that killed nine disabled men, the Coroner's Court was told yesterday. Mr Robert Redlich, QC, for the Department of Human Services, said evidence would show that some smoke detectors did not operate and this might have caused a delay in

Smoke Alarm Plea As Fire Kills Children

Thursday October 17, 1996
The Country Fire Authority has issued a call for country people to fit smoke detectors to their homes after the death of two young sisters in a house fire at Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, yesterday. Firefighters believe a lit candle was responsible for the fire that claimed the lives of Stacey New

Studies Confirm Value Of Fitting Smoke Detectors

Tuesday May 7, 1996
RECENT studies have confirmed that fire fatalities can be significantly reduced if properly installed and maintained smoke detectors are fitted in houses, according to associate professor Ronald Webber of RMIT. Research by the the National Fire protection Association in the United States support

'smoke Detectors Saved Our Lives'millingtons Thank Their Lucky Alarms

Sunday March 17, 1996
A SCREECH pulled Janice Millington out of a deep sleep. Fire! By the time she and her husband Rick reached the bedrooms of their three children, the rooms were in flames. Within seconds the family was safe outside - but their Rosemeadow home was destroyed. "If we had not heard the smok

Agent Sounds Alarm On Smoke Detectors

Wednesday December 6, 1995
THERE was a major hunt going on in the household for the source of the chirruping sound from the ceiling - birds in distress, it was assumed. Access hole covers were flung aside, bird food inserted to tide the feathered friend until it could be enticed into a cage and further helped to freedom.

Smoke Detectors And Radiation

Wednesday September 27, 1995
from Graeme Elliott, information officer, Australian Radiation Laboratory Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health. Rachael Mackey (8/9) raised the issue of radioactive materials being used in domestic smoke detectors. These detectors contain a small amount of americium-241 sealed

Coroner Wants Law On Smoke Alarms

Monday July 27, 1992
The deputy state coroner, Ms Wendy Wilmoth, recommended yesterday that sprinkler systems and hard-wired smoke detectors be made mandatory in special accommodation homes across Victoria. Ms Wilmoth made the recommendation after inquests on 10 deaths in nine months in fires at special accommodat

Smoke Is A Health Hazard

Monday May 25, 1992
EVERYONE agrees: smoke detectors are A Good Thing. The NSW Fire Brigades think so. So does the Australian Consumers' Association. So do major insurers GIO Australia and the NRMA, likewise the Australian Fire Protection Association. Not everyone, however, has put their money where their mou

Smoke Detectors Under Scrutiny

Monday September 9, 1991
The federal Minister for Consumer Affairs, Senator Tate, has ordered an assessment of the effectiveness of smoke detectors following allegations that consumers were being put at risk by substandard equipment. But the Australian Retired Persons Association has criticised the move as half-hearted.

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